• Waste Tree

The garbage bin of the future 

Dutch festivals only, attract 21 million visitors per year. Quick calculations tell us an average of 2.33 kilogram waste per person is left behind. The ambition of the ministry of infrastructure and environment to halve the amount of residual waste in the services sector.

In addition to the many initiatives already contributing to this goal, Waste Tree was born out of our Circular Innovation Game in 2016 on the premise it all starts with changing behavior. Why do people dispose of their waste the way they do? What does it take to change this social norm?

A waste collector and event organization based in Nijmegen collaborated to pose this challenge to a team of changemakers during the Circular Innovation Games held in 2016. In one week, the team followed our circular design thinking and business modeling methods to work from a challenge towards an MVP and presented this to a jury during the finals.

Result: Waste Tree
An interactive waste bin that uses existing technologies to nudge and reward people for correct waste disposal. This allows festival sites to be free of waste and to create mono streams that are directly upcyclable for waste collectors.

The concept is based on three grounding principles:
1. Gamification of complete set of waste bins at an event
2. Adding the Waste Tree as central, visible icon that connects people
3. Sensory integration to internet (via IoT) allowing for data-driven waste management and tokenized rewards.

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