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We transform global industries from within towards a more sustainable and circular mode of operation. Open source and rebellious, paving the way for sustainable cooperation. We do this by nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among our agents of change to develop the products, services and businesses that create shared value. We do this along our three core program lines:

Scale & Transform

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Impact we’re proud of

Circular Fashion Games

Over 2 bootcamps, 40 students follow a programme to co-create a circular fashion sector.

Gelderland Circular Challenge

An innovation game in which local entrepreneurs challenge young professionals to build a circular province of Gelderland

Lokaliteiten Kabinet

Local resources, waste, excipients and semi finished products find a new home with this omnichannel marketplace.

Lokaliteitenkabinet Nijmegen

An omnichannel marketplace for local second hand resources,
excipients, semi-finished products and waste.

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A circular innovation game designed for collaboration between students
from former- and future runners for European Green Capital.

Green Capital Circular Exchange

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An iconic interactive waste bin that uses gamification to create
better mono streams of waste, by making waste disposal a fun and rewarding experience.

Waste Tree

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An exclusive programme returning every six months in which teams of young
professionals and students co-create solutions for a more circular fashion- and textile sector.

Circular Fashion Games

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An inspirational afternoon session to reveal problems and
opportunities for circularity in the construction sector.

NVB Bouw

Our story

Every hour invested in linear economy is one too little for a circular economy. Educational, governmental and corporate structures are outdated and waste talent at an immense scale. We enable the power of young talents to make this change and turn straight lines into circles.


Circular challenges solved


Collective hours for
circular economy


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